We wait the litter from:

Winsomwe doggies Quillotra and Winsome doggies Alonso the Babyface

Planned litters:

Winsome doggies Quillotra - Massivus Angel's Dior

Winsome doggies Hellish Jugglery- Winsome doggies Alonso The Babyface

Pictures of our previous litters:

"Ups! Here I Am" and "Up and Up Boy"

More pictures of "Up and Up Boy":

More pictures of "Ups! Here I Am":

If you would like to have a puppy, please send us an e-mail with a short introduction.
We only give puppies to families!

E-mail: winsomehava@gmail.com

Address: Zsuzsanna Szegedi
2721. Pilis, Bathory str 46. Hungary